Welcome to PBIS!
In order to achieve our mission, we seek to recruit highly qualified teachers and trainers who can support the mission of PBIS – to provide an outstanding international education which inspires students to reach their full potential and be successful and responsible global citizens.

We are interested the teachers who are :

1. Enthusiastic, energetic and engaged role models who will lead, inspire and promote student learning through the examples they set.
2. Proficient in child development, subject content and contemporary trends.
3. Generous in sharing, collaborating, communicating skills, knowledge and capacities.
4. Proficient in the best practices in assessing student learning.
5. Experienced in providing differentiated learning experiences.
6. Committed to developing student's literacy skills and integrating digital - age teaching and learning strategies across all subject areas.
8. Committed to fostering extracurricular and after school activities.

Note : Post Graduate Students from continents like Europe, Australia and South America interested in taking up internship, with a stipend and other perks, in the field of Education shall contact us.

Current Openings :
1. Experienced IGCSE - Mathematics teacher.
2. Montessori trained KG teachers.
Send your resume to our career mail id