Principal's Message

Welcome to our website!!
I feel immensely pleased in welcoming you on behalf of the dynamic, competent and prestigious team of PBIS, a school that is creating an impression for its educational excellence through Active Learning.

We believe in catering the aesthetic ambience that would be required to fulfill the quench of global recognition. And thus the efficiency of Pushpalata British International School [PBIS] has been sculpted upon three vital factors: Parents, Students and the School Management.

Our parents have been highly instrumental in our school's growth. The trust they have vested in our standards clearly indicate their positivity, support and a high level of responsibility in taking the school process in the right perspective through their constructive feedback, involvement and encouragement. And it is my heartfelt thanks to them all for their faith in us which we are committed to see efficaciously achieved.

Being a global citizen is the need of the hour. And we, at PBIS, are committed to steer our children to explore and understand their potential and to shape them as refined global citizens. For this we nurture our children to be tolerant, empathetic, confident and resourceful in knowledge. We involve our children in decision making by providing opportunities to face the challenges in fulfilling their ambition and keeping up with global race. When children are challenged, their thought process is triggered and they explore more for better understanding. When their understanding widens, they become more confident and, blossom as highly refined citizens with tolerance and empathy.

Our children are more conscious towards the nature. We instill in them the value of responsibility in creating a safe earth with conserved resources for longevity of life on Earth. Learning is a life-long process and we, as their facilitators, demonstrate by being exemplars of interminable learning. To ensure this, we encourage the entire PBIS community to read on daily bases. We encourage and give opportunity to our PBIS team to learn a new thing every day in their regular walk of life. We ensure that our children are exposed to every life necessitating skill in order to reinvent their thinking towards ‘success in contentment’.

Academically, our children are showing good progress through Active learning. Constantly, for the past three years, our children have gained scores higher than the international average in Progression Tests and Primary Checkpoint Examinations conducted by Cambridge International Examinations, Cambridge University, London.

The management, under the guidance of our Correspondent Mrs. Pushpalata Pooranan, is highly supportive to PBIS in progressing towards excellence. It is the collective vision of the PBIS management to foster Global Citizens.

Our mission, “To nurture children to have exemplary strength of character and life skills, inculcate a love for learning and pursuit of excellence”, is kept in focus in all our endeavors and we are humbly taking pride in the quest of excellence.

We, PBISians look forward to prosperous learning days ahead!!!
Prayers and wishes to every PBISian

Sincerely Yours,
Godwin S. Lamuel
PBIS, Tirunelveli.