Playground :

The playground occupies a vast area and is surrounded by trees. Great importance is given to sports and games. We impart physical education to our children to develop their talents in the field of sports. We also train them to participate in competition and District Level Sports Meet.

Sports :

To nurture the inert skills of sports among children we branch out a variety of sport activity in our school as Foot Ball, Cricket, Volley Ball, Tennikoit, Kho - Kho, Athletics, Shuttle, Throw Ball, Hand Ball and Basket Ball. Indoor games like Chess. Martial arts like Karate, Judo, Swimming has become a part and parcel of our school curriculum.

Swimming :

A Separate swimming pools for kids (Classes I – II) and children from Class III – IX, well maintained in our campus. Students are offered regular swimming classes during the school hours and special coaching classes between 04.30pm to 05.30pm.